Story behind To the World and Back


Welcome to my blog!

My name is Klara, just an ordinary girl from a small village who decided to rewrite her stars and went to the world to grow, learn and discover. Along the way I have learned so many things which I will be sharing with you through this blog. I hope you will find some of my experiences and stories shared here useful or entertaining. Let me start by telling you a bit about myself and about this blog.

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Since I can remember, my feet were always itchy and I could not wait to see what is behind my small region that I grew up in. Maybe it was because of my gypsy gens from my dad, or because I have never fitted there (and I was told that by other kids every single day), or perhaps it was simply a curiosity and belief that there was something else I could do with my life.

I took the first opportunity to pack my luggage and I left my tiny village when I was 15 years old. I spent 4 years at boarding school, which I am forever grateful to for teaching me how to be independent. As soon as I was 18 I spent a summer in England, that was the very first time that I was alone abroad and responsible for myself. Life changer! After few months, I had to go back home to finish my secondary school, but as I got to taste independence, adventure and life abroad, I could not wait to hit the road again.

I moved to Prague where I was due to start studying Law. However, I shortly realised that it wasn’t my cup of tea. I found myself a job as a waitress and somehow ended up in a routine that I have never wanted to be in. There was no extra money for travelling and I was stuck. After an ugly divorce of my parents and a disappointment over my own failure, a step back was very much needed at that point and so I went back home to my village. Unhappy, embarrassed, yet still hopeful. Long story short, I was waiting tables for couple of years, living with my mum, trying to figure what to do with my life.  At the same time I started to study Marketing, commuting to Prague every other weekend. I have never finished this degree because I hated it. Eventually, I moved back to Prague and finally started to travel. But it wasn’t enough, I still was not fulfilled. So I moved to London.


Since then, things went so smoothly. Beyond my expectations! Shortly after moving into the city I met a guy whom I married later. The story of how a Czech girl meets an Iranian man and how they manage with their cultural differences and handle a marriage without a common language whilst living in a country that is foreign to them both is quite long – a whole blog post about that soon!

While I was working, enjoying life in the UK and travelling around the world, I found out what it was that wanted to study and I went on to the university. That three years were the best part of my life so far. I have learned so much, not only in the classroom, but from people coming from all around world that I have met.  I also gained valuable job experiences that helped me to discover new things. At the end, I graduated with first class honours and with an offer to start a postgraduate course at one of the world’s most respected universities. Besides my personal, academical and professional successes I managed to travel to the places that I was always dreaming of and to do some volunteering abroad.

Some may say that my dreams came true. I say that I found my destiny and worked hard not to lose the path. There is long journey ahead of me and that I am grateful for. It’s a journey that teaches us the most. We have a lot to figure out in our lives and there are some hard decisions lying ahead of us. But I feel strong and ready. I am not the same person I was when I was leaving my village back then. I feel different, I think differently and I want a different things. Some thing, however, stayed the same. It may not come to a surprise that by now I am tired of London and we are looking for a new home. On the other hand, and that is shocking, living abroad made me to appreciate the beauty of my homeland and I see it in a way like never before. Sometimes I think that I had to leave only to find my way back.

Growing up I was being judge by others all the times, that made me work twice as hard as others, that lit up a desire to show them and to  prove myself that I, and my life, is not defined by my origin, background, family relations, colour or beliefs. I have never liked  it but I thought it was normal. World showed me otherwise. World showed me that we can do better…. and I still do, and I always will, hope for a world without a prejudice. That is why I started this blog….

Read more about why I started blogging here.

Now, it’s your turn. I would love to know a bit about you. Head to the comment section below and introduce yourself, or just say hi if you feel like it.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I hope you will enjoy the read!


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